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Personal Information
Address Information
Demographic Information
Visa Information
Social Media information
Religious information (If applicable)

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Academic Information
Early Action is non-binding, but provides special benefits such as expedited financial aid packages, priority housing placement, and a $250 travel voucher to return to campus for Interregnum or a shadow visit in the spring. To secure benefits, you must submit a refundable $500 deposit by Dec. 15.
Applicant Information
Activities and Organizations
List any activities/organizations you have participated in (i.e. extracurricular, volunteer, hobbies, etc.).
Awards and Honors

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If applicable, list your parent(s) or guardian(s) information.
Family Information

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List the high school from which you will graduate (or have graduated) and the last college/university you attended.
High School

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Self Reported Test Scores
The King's College has a rolling admission policy to allow for a timely and thorough admissions decision. In some cases, we will be glad to consider you for admission based on your self-reported test scores. Please note, we will require official copies of all test scores prior to enrollment. 

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Writing Sample
Each applicant is required to submit a writing sample prior to enrollment (not required for acceptance). The essay is not required at this point, but you can submit any of the following between now and when you enroll:
For more information on scholarships essays and how to submit them, please see the financial aid page. For other writing samples, please email
Application Submission

By electronically signing below, I authorize my high school to release my transcripts to The King's College. Note: You must comply with your high school's transcript release policies and fees, but this statement authorizes The King's College to request unofficial transcripts on your behalf from your high school's Guidance Office.

Transcript Release Statement